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Must be an adult over the age of 18, and have a valid piece of photo ID (Passport, Identity Card) and have an original copy of a valid Driving License (photocopies are not acceptable), without infractions, suspension or cancellation of permit in the last 3 years.

50cc- Must be over the age of 18. For people born on/after 1/01/1988, the BSR (Scooter Training Certificate) or Drivers Class B is required.
125cc & MP3: Must be over 20 years of age. Full Motorcycle License (Permis A) or 125cc License (Permis A1) required.
Or Full car license (Permis B) obtained before March 1982.
Or Full Car License (Permis B) + 7 hours of 3-wheeler Scooter Training School.
Or Full Car License (Permis B) + proof of insurance of a lightweight motorcycle of 51cc-125cc, dating less than 5 years

Rental Kilometres limited to 250km/day, 0,30 Euros/Km supplement.

Helmets and anti-theft device included, rain gear provided on demand and availability.

* Drivers License information:
Permis A - Full Motorcycle License
Permis B - 125cc Motorcycle License
Permis BSR - Scooter Training Certificate
Permis B - Full Car License


Once we receive your rental booking enquiry we will send you a booking confirmation form detailing vehicle, rental dates and address for delivery/pick-up by email.

Your booking is NOT confirmed until we receive a booking deposit of 50 Euros.

The booking deposit is payable by Mastercard, Visa or Cheque.

Cancellation Policy is 48 hours (unless otherwise stated). Cancellations will not be refunded if less than 48 hours notice is given (bad weather excluded)


A Damage Deposit wil be due on delivery of your rental vehicle. The Damage Deposit is only payable by Credit Card and will be processed by our mobile payment system.

If the amount for the Damage Deposit is declined by your banking service the rental booking will be cancelled and cancellation fees wil be due. Check with your bank for processing.

The Insurance Deductible is equal to the Damage Deposit. In case of theft, accident or damage to the vehicle the Damage Deposit will be retained by RivieraScooter as necessary.

Damage Deposit:
Bicycle - €600, Vespa 50cc - €1,500, Vespa 125cc - €1,800, MP3 - €2,000

The Damage Deposit will be refunded on pick-up of the vehicle to our satisfaction.

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